Liquid Assets ​​Pool Service & Repairs, LL C

Additional Info

Liquid Assets filter break down seasons are during the months of April/May and September/October (they are also done as needed throughout the year).  Any materials needed for the filter will be replaced during the breakdown.  

The year starts with filter inspection and maintenance then goes into August oil outs and then December stain treatment.  Specialty stain and scale treatments are also completed during the year at specific times.

August is our oil out season.  There will be a $15 treatment on the August invoice due in September as one of our four annual additional services.  

December is our metal stain treatment season which is $27 and is our 4th mandatory maintenance procedure of the year.

Specialty stain and scale treatments are completed during appropriate times of the year.  During any treatment we ask our customers to not touch anything or put any chemicals into the pool to avoid jeopardizing treatments.  Salt cells will be turned off during some treatments and turned back on accordingly.

If a treatment is unsuccessful, we will credit back the charge to you.  If the treatment is jeopardized, we will not credit the charge.

We adjust TDS (total dissolved solids) throughout the year as necessary.

At any time during the year, we prefer that you always call Josh before adding anything to your pool.  Please continue to do this and especially during December through March.

Liquid Assets invoices on a four week cycle.  There are 52 weeks in a year.  We invoice for 48 weeks.  This allows the Liquid Assets team to take three weeks of vacation time while invoicing for a full month and giving one week back to the customer.  We take the week of Thanksgiving off, the week of Christmas off, and one week in the spring.  Your service tech will notify you prior to the spring vacation.  We always set and prepare the pools in advance for any vacation time.


We're happy to take email addresses for a greener office.  This is a free service and a way to send out invoices.  If you're not comfortable with email please do not submit an email address.  We are happy to continue emailing your invoice or send it by regular mail for your convenience. 

We accept all major credit cards with an applied convenience fee.  We have a new online pay option.

Our Online Pay Option:

The emailed invoices received should have a link that takes you to a new page which will allow you the opportunity to pay your invoice with your checking account.  A report will be ran at the end of the month, indicating the customers who paid using this program.  They will receive a $3.00 convenience fee on the next invoice for each online payment by check transaction. 

Late fee policy:

​Invoicing is completed at the end of the month.  Payment will be due by the 10th of the following month.  Any invoices past due will be charged a late fee of $25 for any invoice which is not paid by request to date.

Here, at Liquid Assets, we encourage you to take the opportunity and share your comments.  If anyone would like to mail a letter or use the website submission page, please do so!  Feel free to share any comments or concerns about your services with us!