Let me start by saying Liquid Assets is the way to go! Josh and crew have been servicing my pool for the past 6 years and to this date no

complaints. If there is an issue a simple phone call and it gets resolved immediately. They offer Top notch customer service and very professional staff. I would and do Highly recommend Liquid Assets to anyone that needs the best pool service and repair in the tri-state area.
Thank You,
Jr. Santiago, Parker

Hi Josh,
    Bill & I just wanted to send you a shout out for taking such great care of our vacation homes pool.  Its hard to believe its been over 5 years and you and your company have really exceeded quality & service.  Every time we come to LH our pool and spa are PERFECT!  Having a pool here in Ca. we know what it takes to maintain and service.  We always say, we sure do wish we could find a company like Liquid assets to service our pool.  The tiles, the filters, the chemicals the water is always PERFECT and it truly never changes with the seasons. 
    Being business owners ourselves, we just wanted to tell you & your wife how much we appreciate your services & customer service.
 Bill & Annette of Hillview, LHC

Josh and crew have been cleaning my pool for three years, always here on scheduled day and very thorough with their cleaning. Josh always returns your calls and is outstanding on equipment repairs. A top notch company! 
Tim T., Lake Havasu City, AZ 

   ​​​My wife and I  moved here on July 22nd, 2016 and started using our pool the same night. Liquid Assets had been taking care of it for the previous owner and we found it in Great shape. We enjoy the service we receive and Rick, who is our technician, is always ready to help us learn how life is here in the desert. Coming from Montana, we have alot to learn.
John and Donna of Knobhill Drive

   Liquid Assets has been servicing our pool for about 5 years now. We are completely happy and recommend Josh for all your pool needs. The weekly service is reliable and one of the lower-cost services in Havasu. From pump and filter service, to stain removal, to installing and maintaining an in pool sweep, they have taken care of all our pool needs. Their communication is great too. We have never had surprises like unapproved work, hidden charges, or up-selling. As long as we own a house with a pool in Havasu, and as long as Liquid Assets is there with their great service at reasonable cost, they will be taking care of our pool!
Joe L.

   We have been with Liquid Assets since March 2013, when our new pool was installed by Mojave Pools. We never have had a pool before and Josh explained everything about maintaining the pool. Liquid Assets has taken care of our pool during our absence, as we are winter visitors. His crew has always been very dependable and helpful answering questions about the pool.
   Approximately two years ago, our neighbor called us and said our pool level was a lot lower than usual. I called Liquid Assets and Josh came immediately to see what was going on. A material on our pump cracked and water was leaking out of the pool. With the help of my neighbor, they threw towels on the shallow deck to keep the gunite wet, so they could make the needed repairs.
   Liquid Assets also installed a device on our pool that slowly siphons the water out of the pool, as it refills with new water. It was designed to keep us from having to completely drain our pool every year. It has worked great. Along with the weekly maintenance and this device, we have not drained out for for the last three years. I would highly recommend Liquid Assets because of their great customer service, dependability, skilled and knowledgeable pool services.
Carol S. LHC

Dear Josh,
Thank you so much for the years of wonderful service you have given us! We have owned our home in Havasu for over 5 years now and in that time, we have had several different service people work on our home. You guys by far have been the most pleasant and responsible trade we have worked with. I wish you all the best with your company and many successful years of business. Keep doing what you do, and your company should always thrive.
Robb and Cindy

   We have had Liquid Assets taking care of our pool since May 2016 and have been very pleased. They have been doing the weekly maintenance and any of the normal wear and tear issues we have had. We moved to Lake Havasu from Minnesota and knew nothing about care or maintenance for a pool.
   We feel we were fortunate to come in contact with Josh and Liquid Assets, if we have any questions they have had the answers and when ever the pool has needed anything they will point it out to us explain the reasons it should be completed and give us the costs and everything involved and with our approval go ahead with the project and have always completed it to our satisfaction. At one point Josh brought up a huge cost saving idea on electricity going from a pump that ran full speed to a variable speed one so we took his recommendation and had them switch it out and what a grand idea that was. The cost savings were huge and we continue to see the benefits of that recommendation every month! Thanks Josh! 
   We never have to be concerned whether or not they will show up for the weekly cleaning/maintenance, they are here like clockwork every Friday.
Joshua and the entire staff that we have dealt with have always been very professional, courteous and friendly.
   We would highly recommend Liquid Assets and the crew for any of your pool maintenance and equipment needs. The crew at Liquid Assets have always made sure our pool is in great shape for us to enjoy and look at as such an asset to our back yard. We would give them a 10 in every aspect of their business. 
Carl M. & Becky C. of Lake Havasu

    ​​My experience with Liquid Assets has been excellent. I have been with them almost 6 years now and my pool is in excellent condition and the service is above normal, it seems they are really wanting to work for you instead of just asking for a monthly donation..... If there is a problem they handle it, if there is a question they handle it. What more is there. Keep up the great service, thanks again Josh and crew. Thank You.
Mike P.

Outstanding service company.   D. Samuels

Liquid Assets ​​Pool Service & Repairs, LL C

Dear Liquid Assets,
   When I look out at my backyard I see the pool in the desert sanctuary my wife designed and had built .  Being the biggest object in her landscape the pool had to be taken care of by the best team available.  I searched Havasu and found the best pool service the day I found Liquid Assets and Josh.  I’ve had pools in California and Florida but this time I wanted a saltwater pool.   Josh basically told me to save my money and not make it a salt water pool but use his service or”Josh water”, as he called it, for three months and if you are not completely satisfied then we’ll activate your salt water system.  Well, I’ve been swimming in “Josh” water for about 4 years now.  Liquid Assets is my Go To Company (GTC) for all of my pool stuff.
stephen z